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Polypearl are part of the Tebway group of companies founded in 1983 with locations in Nottingham, Gainsborough and Scunthorpe. With a nationwide distribution and installation network.

Tebway, working for over 30 years, from their factory in Nottingham, have been a manufacturer of the finest quality Polystyrene beads used exclusively in Polypearl cavity wall insulation, which has now gained the reputation of being the best cavity wall insulation that money can buy.

They also produce polystyrene beads for use as a bean bag filler for all the major brands. From their location in Gainsborough Polypearl manufacture a range of moulded polystyrene blocks, EPS insulation products, and polystyrene packaging. We are proud to be a family run, customer focused business, offering top quality products coupled with fast and friendly deliveries.

Our primary commitment is always to produce the best quality products, whether that means the uniform size and shape of our Polystyrene beads for trouble free cavity wall insulation, and durability of our bean bag filling, or the pliable rigidity and strength of our moulded polystyrene blocks.

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Polypearl Insulation overview image
Polypearl Insulation

In 2006 Polypearl designed and developed the Polypearl Platinum bonded bead system, which has graphite added to the polystyrene beads to improve their energy saving qualities and they are very pleased to say the unique system has quickly gained universal recognition as being “the best cavity wall insulation that money can buy”. Polypearl platinum is now installed into homes all over the country by a hand picked network of well known insulation companies.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Polypearl/Tebway Soft furnishing products overview image
Polypearl/Tebway Soft furnishing products

The company has for many years also produced fire retardant polystyrene beads for soft furnishing and if you have ever bought a bean bag full of polystyrene beads or a top-up bag of beads, there is a very good chance that they are Polypearl beads.

Polypearl Moulded Products overview image
Polypearl Moulded Products

5 years ago the company expanded even further and now has a factory in Gainsborough
producing the highest quality Polystyrene blocks, moulded from Polypearl beads in a purpose made vacuum press, they are then “hot wire” cut to make into sheets and boards of insulation for use in floors walls and roof spaces. The blocks are also sold to a host of other businesses that convert the blocks into all sorts of different shapes to be used for packaging.

Expanding all possibilities where quality is key

We have been manufacturing the finest quality polystyrene (EPS) since 1983 for floor and wall insulation, protective packaging, lightweight construction material, scenery for film sets, bean bag filling, and many other uses.

Polypearl manufactures Polystyrene blocks in a variety of densities to suit all requirements, our High density Grades of Polystyrene Blocks are extremely strong, yet light enough to be handled with ease, giving excellent impact resistance and load bearing capability.

We also produce both Standard Grade Polystyrene Blocks and Lightweight Polystyrene Blocks which are ideal for packaging and thermal insulation purposes. Both of these block grades contain a percentage of recycled material which utilise all the off cuts from our in-house profile cutting machinery, making these grades of Polystyrene Blocks extremely friendly to the environment and very cost effective.

Polypearl are passionate about reducing waste and have many different types of cutting lines which ensures that all of the waste Polystyrene that we manufacture can either be used on a different cutting line or can be recycled into new Polystyrene Blocks with no onsite waste having to be disposed of.

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