Polystyrene beads for a range of purposes

The Tebway Group of Companies offers expertise across a range of different polystyrene products from EPS beads and bean bag fillings, to polystyrene balls for cavity wall insulation and moulded polystyrene blocks.


Polypearl EPS beads are produced to exacting standards, with high uniformity of both size and shape, and graphite added to certain CWI lines as appropriate.

Regular and fire-retardant polystyrene balls allow different applications to meet specific legislative demands, or simply to meet the safety preferences of the customer.

EPS is one of Polypearl’s specialities, so if you have a requirement for any type of loose-fill polystyrene beads, whether for bean bag filling or craft projects, or soft furnishings and general top-up bags, there’s a Polypearl product for the job.

We can transport polystyrene beads to wherever they are needed in the UK, in a range of vehicles including 40-foot trucks (and that’s a lot of polystyrene whether it is a moulded polystyrene block or loose-fill EPS beads!).

We commit to the very highest of delivery standards – the right product, in the right place, at the right time, is our priority.

  • – Available loose in bulk
  • – Supplied in bags from ½ a cubic foot to 10 cubic feet
  • – Beanbag filling service available if required
  • – Nationwide Coverage

Drawing on more than a quarter of a century of experience, the Tebway Group produce and supply:

  • EPS beads for loose-fill applications e.g. bean bag filling
  • Polystyrene balls for cavity wall insulation
  • Moulded polystyrene blocks for packaging, set building and sculptures
  • General purpose EPS balls for arts and crafts

Benefits of choosing Tebway as your polystyrene partner

The Tebway group can offer:

    • – Unrivalled product quality, produced on cutting-edge modern technology and equipment
    • – Expert advice when it’s needed, drawn from our own 30 years of experience
    • – White bead and Platinum bead products
    • – Fire-retardant beads that meet Schedule 2, Part 1 of the
    • – Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988, amended 1989 and 1993
    • – Polystyrene packaging for valuables and soft furnishings

– EPS CWI beads – Polypearl CWI is the best injected cavity wall insulation product on the market

  • – Mobile installation vans with twin powered injection guns and EPS beads with the capacity to service 4-5 houses
  • – Nationwide delivery of products on time, to the best of standards
  • – Carefully chosen installers, selected at board-level, with ongoing training requirements to ensure consistent quality

All Tebway products, from loose-fill bean bag fillings and craft supplies, to Polypearl Plus, Platinum CWI and PMP moulded polystyrene blocks uphold the highest standards, giving you access to the very best on the market.