Polystyrene Blocks from Polypearl Moulded Products Ltd (PMP) bring the very best standard of EPS beads in a solid structure, suitable for polystyrene packaging, insulation and other moulded applications.

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Polypearl Moulded Products Limited is a specialist manufacturer of polystyrene blocks, being based in the East Midlands, they are therefore ideally placed to be able to offer a nationwide delivery service for the supply of fine quality polystyrene blocks which can be used for many different purposes.

They have been producing top quality polystyrene blocks for many years and pride themselves in knowing how to achieve their goal of manufacturing the best quality polystyrene blocks available today.

One of the key elements of their success comes from listening to what their customer’s needs are, and taking the time to understanding how customer use the polystyrene blocks they purchase, this enables Polypearl to satisfy their needs by tailor making the polystyrene blocks to suit.

The manufacturing process is a two-stage process, the first and most important stage of this process is to produce polystyrene beads which vary in size and density. Also if the polystyrene blocks are being produced for insulation purposes the polystyrene beads will have an added element which increases their thermal resistance.

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The Polypearl Group of companies have been producing polystyrene beads used by thermal insulation  contractors for almost forty years and they have a depth of knowledge and experience that would be hard to match. Polypearl pull together all this knowledge and experience and use this to great effect in the second stage of the process which then expands the purpose made polystyrene beads in a block moulding machine which forms the beads into the top quality polystyrene blocks that Polypearl produce at their factory in Gainsborough.

Unlike most of their competitors, Polypearl manufacture polystyrene blocks using compact block moulding machinery, which ensures that the polystyrene blocks are manufactured with a consistent density all the way through to the core. Many other manufacturers use large format block moulding machinery as a means to cutting costs so they able to offer lower prices.

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Polypearl have not followed this trend believing that their customer’s priority is to purchase polystyrene blocks of high quality rather than buying polystyrene blocks that have been produced to sell at a lower price.

Polypearl Moulded Products will manufacture polystyrene blocks to suit almost any requirement.

Should you already use or convert polystyrene blocks, or have a project requiring polystyrene blocks please contact us to discuss your needs, and we will be only too pleased to listen and help if we can.