Professional and experienced Polystyrene cavity wall insulation installers Polypearl's network of polystyrene cavity wall insulation installers takes the guesswork out of deciding who will install your insulation: when you use Polypearl, you're fitting the best cavity wall insulation available, so it's essential to use the best installers too.

Why choose Polypearl CWI installers?

Our installers come fully trained and BBA approved to install our market leading cavity wall insulation system, so the benefits are extensive, including:

  • Independently guaranteed by CIGA
  • BBA registered and approved installers
  • Regular surprise on site inspections
  • Highly efficient and unique injection equipment
  • Safe, Fast, Effective installation with no mess, no waste, no fuss
  • You should only fit cavity wall insulation once, so fit the best!
  • Always ask for POLYPEARL by name

Interested in becoming an installer?

With Polypearl, there are fewer holes to drill and less manual handling needed - making the job faster, cleaner, safer and easier.

For installers, that means it’s on to the next job much sooner than would be the case with other cavity wall insulation materials.

You can make the same profit in a shorter working day, or carry out more jobs in a normal workday to boost your profits beyond what is achievable with other insulation products. We even have vehicles with their own integrated power supply for the injection guns used during the install.

Each 3.5-tonne van can power two injection guns, and carries enough Polypearl EPS insulation beads for four or five average properties.

Simply drive up, carry out the job to Polypearl’s exceptional standards, and drive on to the next site – the easiest day’s work imaginable in CWI installation, and the easiest profit too!

Fully Trained

All of our Polypearl polystyrene cavity wall insulation installers are given training, ongoing knowledge and advice, and general system support at locations throughout the UK.

New installers are approved by our Board of Directors – so only the very best become a part of our network, and we check this with continuing training sessions for new technicians, and gas safety awareness courses too.

All new technicians are required to be a part of the BBA Installer assessment scheme, so we know that when we approve them as Polypearl installers, they will carry out the work to the very highest of standards.