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High-performance polystyrene CAVITY WALL insulation by Polypearl

Polypearl EPS insulation is an expanded polystyrene insulation for cavity walls, and the best of its kind on the market today!


Our Primary commitment is always to produce the finest quality products available on the market today. Polypearl Insulation Products.

    • – Clean and efficient, filling every inch of the cavity with minimal disruption
    • – The shape and size of our beads ensures uniformed density is achieved
    • – Allows moisture to drain away naturally through the Polypearl bead matrix, maintaining the function of the cavity as intended
    • – Polypearl beads are bonded together to provide permanent stability and no risk of settlement
    • – All our cavity wall beads are manufactured using fire retardant grades
    • – Nationwide installation service, through a network of improved installers
    • – Bespoke installation vehicles
    • – You should only fit cavity wall insulation once so fit the bes
    • – Always ask for POLYPEARL by name

We operate Polypearl Plus and Polypearl Platinum polystyrene insulation systems, developed over the past 30 years by Tebway Ltd and certified under BBA Certificate 96/3228.

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Applications of Polypearl’s EPS Insulation

Versatile and effective, our EPS insulation system can be used in a wide range of circumstances, including:

  • New-build properties
  • Domestic refurbs and retro-fits
  • Commercial properties
  • Flotation tanks
  • Floor voids
  • Roof spaces

Polypearl is injected as individual EPS insulation beads which then form a consistent matrix inside the cavity, using an adhesive to hold them in place.

The polystyrene bead can be injected into spaces other insulation materials might not be suitable for, such as:
  • Partially filled cavities
  • Stone properties
  • High-rise tower blocks
  • Narrow cavities (minimum 40mm)

Developed over a quarter of a century ago, Polypearl consistently receives phenomenal feedback on the quality of our innovative polystyrene insulation, with its thermal and technical performance setting it apart as the best injected CWI system on the market – bar none.

Benefits of our polystyrene insulation

We are rightfully proud of our achievements, and of the many advantages the Polypearl Plus and Polypearl Platinum systems can offer:

  • Best-quality EPS insulation beads produced using cutting-edge modern technology
  • White and platinum polystyrene insulation beads
  • The number one solution for hard-to-treat properties
  • Clean and efficient, filling every inch of the cavity as quickly as possible, with minimal tidying up

Our commitment to the very highest standards of product and installation is unwavering – our network of installers are approved at board-level, and new technicians must be properly qualified and trained too.

Polypearl is by far the best injected cavity wall insulation product available, making it the only choice if you want to ensure a fully filled cavity and to achieve the best carbon and energy savings from your cavity wall insulation.